Thursday, 20 February 2014

What Good Is a Therapeutic Boarding School for Troubled Teens?

Logan River Academy
The common misconception in boarding schools is that they are all strict. The idea that each of the students need to strictly adhere to the set school rules.  Any sort of divergence from these guidelines may lead to strict disciplinary action. Though these establishments are designed to promote a sense of personal responsibility within the students, often, troubled teens are not fully prepared to deal with this method of therapy. Most of the troubled students struggle with social issues like; lack of motivation, poor self-esteem, and aggressive behaviour. Because of this strict environments will often lead to  an emotional breakdown.

Logan River Academy, provides an alternative therapy for troubled teens. We make it a goal to  incorporate the conventional academic programs with intense therapeutic interventions to make sure that the distressed students are fully taken care of. Logan River Academy offers physical, emotional, spiritual and social guidance to each of their students. While also providing an education. The prime motive behind the Logan River Academy is to instill positive behavior change and self-perception to the students.
The Logan River Academy therapeutic boarding school includes both individual and group therapies. The students are taught and trained to develop self esteem during the individual therapy sessions. The group therapies are inclined to making the students vent their issues and find that they are not alone in their struggles.. This precisely is meant for promoting their communication skills, which makes them ready to deal with the issues they face in life. When they return home they recognize that they can talk through issues rather than acting out as they had in the past.

A key attribute of the Logan River Academy program is helping the distressed student develop coping skills. Most of the troubled teens have developed anxiety, unruliness, anger and violence as their primary coping skill. These are because of an inability to cope with the problems they are facing in their lives. The program infuses skills within the students that will assist them in taking responsible actions whenever necessary.

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Logan River Academy – Offering Productive and Busy Lifestyle

At Logan River Academy, we offer children with a unique combination of experience and opportunities to grow. The method used by our therapeutic boarding schools revolves around establishing a strong bond between student and the instructor. This bonding helps each student to recognize their own mistakes as we provide tools in helping them cope and fix each of their mistakes.  Classrooms are just a part of daily routines but at Logan River Academy, you are surrounded with your teachers all day long. Because of this our experienced staff is able to evaluate each one of their students in more than one aspect of their life.
How students get help from this environment?
The benefits of an environment that is 24/7 under teacher’s surveillance is that a good student-teacher relationship will develop. This is sure to lead to miraculous outcomes. Because the relationship fostered between a student and teacher is one where students begin to ask for help. Therefore, teachers act as a good friend who is always there to help. Logan River Academy also makes sure to keep parents in the loop and is able to communicate with them and helping them stay in touch with this healing experience.  This communication is to inform the parents about present performance of their child at school. Moreover, such communications also help the parents to figure out methods to deal with troubled kids in future.
Logan River Academy's mission is to help in establishing discipline in each child’s life and help them to understand importance. By recognizing the importance in the relationship and also the importance of discipline the students begin to thrive. This combination can derive unbelievable results in mental and physical development of distressed teens.
Many of the times, it is not possible to imagine the your teen ever changing, while they are at home. Due to numerous differences, problems and negative pressures, teens select a wrong way to live their life happily. When teens make wrong choices, it is next to impossible to make them realize their mistakes. Often the only solution is taking them out of that environment and providing them with skills to make these important decisions.  Special care is required to show them the right path, Logan River Academy professionals provide them with appropriate help, and guidance they need to overcome their miseries.

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Why should you consider therapeutic schools for troubled teens?

Logan River Academy
For children who don't seem to be adapting to or performing well in regular schools, boarding or therapeutic education can be a very realistic alternative. These schools are made for teens that are deteriorating in their current situation. This can be because of several reasons that could range from issues with anxiety, bipolar disorders, ADHD symptoms, dyslexia, or drug and alcohol abuse just to name a few.
The Logan River Academy will develop in your child an intensive therapy and counselling treatment without disrupting his academic progress. Because Logan River Academy is a therapeutic school we are able to provide individual psychotherapy while working on social, education and mental development with each individual child. We differ from boot camps where the primary focus is on fixing the child's attitude we make sure they are thriving in all areas of their life.
We are committed to helping out teens that are going through emotional and behavioral issues. At  Logan River Academy we have proven to have great success. We are prepared with the best training and accommodation to deal with each teen in their individual situation. Classes are kept smaller in size so that each teen can be paid individual attention by the teacher. The staff in our school is most qualified to deal with distressed teens as compared to the teachers in mainstream school systems.
We are flexible and aware of each student, because of this we are able to change the teaching style for each student at Logan River Academy. Because of this the students will be more competent in reaching their goals. This will help to facilitate them in learning lessons in ways that are easy to understand. The best thing about this type of education is the fact that the troubled teens can realize that they are capable of succeeding too and can create for more success in the future.

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Logan River Academy – To Help Struggling Teens Cope Up with Their Life Confidently

Logan River Academy
When first seeing or hearing about a troubled teen it seems that everyone has an opinion on what made him this way and how to treat his bad behavior! Most of the time, the bad behavior is blamed on his personal life issues. Judgements are placed on parents for tolerating this behavior. But the truth is that no parent in this world has ever wished to see his kid with abnormal behavior. But often times these parents don’t know how to handle their situation or where to turn for help. 

There are numerous ways to react to situations like the one mentioned above. But the best choice for the parent and their child is to learn more about the benefits of therapeutic boarding school. At Logan River Academy. a therapeutic boarding school for such struggling teens who need intense care and guidance, we work one on one with each student to provide them with the life skills to thrive.
As we grow we can experience a variety of emotional and physical changes in each child. A lot of teens adapt to the changes smoothly but many others have a tough time in dealing with changes. Extreme social pressure and emotional fluctuations make them act abnormal and a lot of the time  kid start to feel helpless. Often times, parents will become irritated by the sudden change in behavior. They try to use the wrong ways to set their teen right hoping to point their child in the right direction. When this happens the teens and parent become at odds with each other and can create for a miserable situation.

Logan River Academy is the answer to parents who are struggling to help their child. The treatment that is provided is orchestrated in a different way. Rather than restricting the staff to a single treatment strategy that an average schools does, LRA make use of most efficient and suitable treatment approach to help each individual child. With a large staff with various expertise we find the right treatment for each child. With our state of the art facilities and experienced staff we strive to make sure your child develops and acts like a happy and thriving adult.